Alumnae Leadership & Volunteers

The Alumnae Board enables graduates to remain engaged and support Nightingale.

The Nightingale-Bamford School Alumnae Association was formed in 1926 and values the participation of all Nightingale women, whether they attended Nightingale for one year or 13.

Its efforts are coordinated by the Office of Institutional Advancement, the Alumnae Board, and the Young Alumnae Committee, and are supported by the hundreds of alumnae who are involved each year.

Alumnae Board

Meet our Board

The Alumnae Board, comprised of nominated representatives, manages the affairs of the Alumnae Association and seeks to further the strategic and philosophical interest of The Nightingale-Bamford School.

Alumnae Board Mission

To help identify, implement, and support initiatives that:

  • Help alumnae foster lifelong relationships with each other and with Nightingale
  • Further the personal growth and development of all alumnae
  • Act as a bridge between alumnae and current students
  • Support the school as ambassadors of our shared mission and champions of The Nightingale Fund

Board Members

Terri Davis-Merchant ’95

Anna Spanfeller '08

Franklyn A. M. E. Arthur '87

Jessica Taylor Allen-Arney '05
Jane Simmons Bullock '97
Stacy Calder Clapp '91
Karen Pantzer Gelder ‘93
Adrianne Glascock '10
Jessie Page Greenberg '03
Fraser Ross Maloney '98
Christina Bott Murphy '09
Lizzie Olesker ’06
Pamela Friedland Rabinovici '91
Naomi White Randolph '93
Charlene Thomas ’07
Ali Jones Thorne '04
Alexis Versandi-Isaacs ’01
Lynman Woo '05

Committee Chairs

Franklyn A. M. E. Arthur '87
Lynman Woo '05

Jessica Taylor Allen-Arney '05
Karen Pantzer Gelder ’93

Jane Simmons Bullock '97
Anna Spanfeller ‘08
Naomi White Randolph '93, P'27

Christina Bott Murphy ’09
Ali Jones Thorne '04

Young Alumnae Committee

Meet the Young Alumnae Committee

The Young Alumnae Committee comprises elected graduates from the last ten years, with the mission of bolstering engagement amongst the school’s most recent alumnae.

YAC Mission

To help identify, implement and support initiatives that:

  • Build an engaged community of young alumnae in New York City and beyond
  • Foster a lifelong relationship between young alumnae and the school
  • Encourage inclusivity through purposeful outreach, recruitment, and engagement to a diverse alumnae base
  • Support the school as ambassadors of our shared mission and champions of The Nightingale Fund
  • Act as a bridge between young alumnae and current students
  • Include the voices of young alumnae in larger school and cultural initiatives


Caroline Langan '14 and Melissa Gaglia '16

Isabelle Wood '18

Alumnae Volunteers

Meet our Class Correspondents

Class Correspondents are a vital group of alumnae volunteers who keep members of their class connected to each other, to the school, and to the broader Nightingale community. Class Correspondents collect contact information, Class Notes for The Blue Doors magazine and share vital news for the class and the school.

If you are interested in being a Class Correspondent for your class, learn more here and please reach out to Emily Bronstein, Director of Alumnae Relations.

Meet our Nightingale Fund Class Agents

The Nightingale Fund is our annual fundraising initiative. Funds raised flow directly into the school’s operating budget, immediately impacting what is possible for our students, faculty, and programs. Across generations, the continued generosity of alumnae champions supports all that we do within and beyond the blue doors.

Nightingale Fund Class Agents play a vital role in helping us reach dollar and alumnae participation goals each year. Together with the advancement office, Class Agents will encourage peers to participate in the Nightingale Fund, strengthening the success of our efforts through personal outreach and meaningful connection.

If you are interested in being a Nightingale Fund Class Agent for your class, learn more here and please reach out to Annual Giving Manager Megan Sanderville.